Still feeling the positive energy from this morning’s P90X, Hike and Yoga event coordinated with One Yoga.  This will go down as one of my favorite experiences of the summer.  Women of all ages, interests and backgrounds joining together — connecting through laughter, fitness, nature, yoga and self-care time.  We were in the moment.  Sweating.  Admiring our surroundings.  Talking.  Listening.  Walking.  We even did a few decline push ups and death stars to amp up the fun!  🙂

Received this message from one of the participants and was so grateful that our intentions behind today’s event were felt…

“Really enjoyed today!  Felt a peace with today’s event.  It’s almost an escape from responsibilities and a time to rejuvenate.  It’s inspiring to be outside and have this group workout alongside you.  It’s amazing when you are walking alone on the trail and someone new walks up next to you to chat.  These were all strong women and I feel the group connected.  So cool!”

We will be hosting a similar experience this fall — save the date:  Thursday, September 22nd in the evening.

Thank you to all the women who joined Megan and I this morning….what a recharge!  You were all amazing!


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