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And it is time to start PRIORITIZING your health and fitness goals again.  I do not want to see you spinning your wheels and wasting time, energy and money on products and protocols that do not give you sustainable, genuine results.  
Leaving you stuck, frustrated and with a downregulated metabolism and even shakier mindset.

What if you could EXPERIENCE:

  • No more OVERWHELM, ANXIETY and CONFUSION about what you should be doing to lose stubborn fat and inches.  I will teach you the healthiest way to reach your goals and maintain your results.  For good.
  • No more Google trends/Keto/Intermittent Fasting/No Carb/Celebrity Influencer Quick Fix nonsense.  It is time to commit to a step-by-step, lifestyle-based approach.
  • No more starting over on Monday, cycling through restriction/perfection, binges, guilt, shame and negative self-talk.
  • No more questioning what foods to eat or not eat; what kinds of workouts you should or shouldn’t be doing.

What if you could EMBRACE:

  • A Framework for cutting through the noise with strategic action steps that are livable in both the short and long term.  And most importantly, that WORKS!
  • Physical transformations, such as:
    • Changing your body composition, building muscle and losing inches – I had women lose anywhere from 3 to 15 inches in the first month!
    • Sleeping more soundly
    • Regulating your cycle and hormones
    • Reducing cravings and nourishing your body with strategic macro and micro nutrients
    • Feeling more energized
    • Scheduling and completing a consistent workout routine
  • Mindset shifts, such as:
    • Recognizing your personal wellness journey and its many chapters
    • Creating awareness around all-or-nothing thinking
    • Establishing positive self-care practices that foster less stress and overwhelm

SHOW UP for YOU and reclaim your self-care, strength and confidence…NOW!

Whether you are looking to incorporate more plant-powered meals/snacks, delve into how your body reacts to certain foods, expand your whole foods repertoire and/or use food to achieve your goals, I guide you through targeted, simple and delicious meal and snack ideas. Fueled with nutrients, you will be ready to UNLEASH new motivation and power in your strength training. This dynamic combination — whole foods AND a workout plan — will IGNITE confidence not only in your body, but in all other areas of your life. 

I am thrilled to offer you a 10-week, group coaching program that can be done from anywhere, highlighting the pillars of good health:  NUTRITION, FITNESS, MINDSET, SLEEP and STRESS. 

This program is called ALIGN — to align your health goals with your daily behaviors/thoughts/actions creates an unstoppable force of progress.  (All the details of what are included are listed below.)


1.  Visit this link:

2. Complete my application intake form. 
Sit and reflect.  Get crystal clear on where you are currently and where you would like to be. 

3.  Be proud of your desire to take REAL ACTION

We begin on September 27th!  Let’s go!

Peace, love and planks,

10-Week ALIGN
Align Your Wellness Vision with Your Reality
Fitness • 
Nutrition • Mindset

  • 6 60-Minute Group Coaching Calls
  • 21-Day Kickstart Nutritional Reset Plan
    – Anti-Inflammatory to support digestion, immunity, energy, cravings and more
    – Tune into your unique body’s needs and messages
    – Simple recipes, entire meal plans and ideas for quick and nourishing options
  • Followed by Strategic Nutrition Meal Plan and Recipes
    – Learn how to create targeted, individualized meals/snacks to build lean muscle, fuel your workouts, nourish body and brain
  • Food Journal Review and Feedback
  • Individual Wellness Coaching — Support in Creating Personalized Goals, Action Steps and Accountability Markers
  • Mindset Work
  • Dynamic, Private Facebook Group to Access Additional Information, Ask Questions and Learn from Others
  • Support and Accountability Check Ins
  • Targeted Resources and Tools
    – Examples: Eating Out, Supplement Recommendations, Metabolism, Shopping Lists
  • Structured Fitness Plan & Workouts
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