This is the season of GRATITUDE and GIVING and the Universe sent me a clear cut message in it this week.   Health.  Don’t take it for granted.  Value it.  Live it.  Share it.

Down and out.  Profusive and never-ending vomiting, digestive fury, headache, muscle aches.  Wishing for a swift death.  The dreaded stomach flu.   It hit our house with a vengeance this weekend.  Horrific.  (I couldn’t stomach vegetables for more than 2 days…shocking, I know!)

The blessing in this — I realized I hadn’t been that sick in 10+years.  I never used to get a basic cold — it went right into bronchitis or pneumonia, fevers, sinus, eye infections and more — it lasted weeks.  Chronic asthma and allergies.  And got the stomach flu badly at least once a season.  It was limiting and left me feeling tired and depleted.  Unable to do the things I wanted to do.

The turning point — my self-care.  Listening and responding to my body’s own needs and sensitivities.  Nourishing, hydrating, moving and proactive therapies.   Thankfully, this investment has been truly life-changing.  I am RARELY sick and feel more energy now than in my 20s.

So instead of another “thing” this holiday season, why not give yourself or a loved one the jump start to more mindful health practices?  Finding support, motivation, accountability and community at our studio.

We have several great specials going on for Black Friday — November 25th — and Shop Small Saturday — November 26th — to help!

  • 10% off all class passes (5 or 10 classes)
  • $65 monthly membership for unlimited fitness and yoga classes – lock in at this rate
  • $20 off individualized, whole foods nutritional program with free meal planAND — all gift certificate purchases will receive a free gift bag, non-toxic yoga mat cleaner, Epsom salts and towel to create the perfect package.  Think teachers, family, friends, caregivers and work gift exchanges!

We will be open 8 am to 12 noon on Shop Small Saturday.  Specials will also be available online Friday and Saturday.




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