I shook my head in awe.  My friend told me of her recent camping trip.  Tenting.  No electricity.  No showers.  No bathrooms.  You hike your belongings with you to your location.  You burn your toilet paper after use.  Did I mention she was with her three children and her sister?  This is bravery.

However, I must admit.  This is not me.  I am a high maintenance traveler.  I need a shower.  And dammit, I need my matcha.

While traveling, I always pack items to keep me nourished and somewhat in my routine.  It also saves money.  I like to put everything into shoe box size plastic containers with lids.  Even on airplanes.  I am surprised I have never gotten arrested for the baggies of powders I carry — protein powder people, protein powder!

Thought I would share what was packed for our road trip vacation to give some inspiration if you have an end-of-summer trip planned as well.

I take my shaker cups, almond milk and plant-based protein powder.  Easy breakfast.  Shake it up with ice and a little extra water and sip.

Matcha.  Hell, yay.  It is packed and ready to go.  I have travel packets with me at all times.  You never know when a matcha emergency will strike.

I have a few dessert flavored tea bags (David’s Red Velvet cake this trip) to enjoy in the evening.  The hotels have cups and hot water


  • Bananas and Natural Peanut Butter Packets – Justin’s Classic are great choices.  I bought a 10-pack box from Amazon.com for under $4.
  • Apples
  • Trail mix baggies – Raw almond, pistachio and pecan mix (Simply Nature organic brand from Aldis), coconut chips (from TJ Maxx), goji berries, dried mulberries (my absolute favorite) and cacao nibs
  • Energy and Protein Bars – I normally make my own, but for convenience during a trip I choose store bought varieties — Larabars, RX Bars, Go Rev Protein Bars and I just found a new one, Bearded Brothers Chocolate Maca Bars.
  • Roasted edamame for some crunch and protein (again, purchased at TJ Maxx – 13 grams in 1/3 cup)
  • Dehydrated beets (new from Trader Joes and super yummy — chip-like and good with the roasted edamame)

I also have coconut water and a few canned seltzer waters to keep hydrated.

More tips on health-conscious traveling to come…

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