BUTI Yoga .. From a first-timer!

You  may have never heard of it before.  You may think you are not a “yoga person.”  You read the description and terms like “plyometrics” and “tribal” leave that yoga mat buried at the bottom of your trunk.  But it is time, my friends, it is time!

I heard about BUTI about 6 months before I got the nerve to try it at the wonderful Tree of Life Studio, the only other local facility to feature this unique offering.  I was anxious as I walked in the doors and thinking, “What the heck did I get myself into?”  Give me a squat and a push up anyday, but this was new ground…

I met the instructor, Erin, and instantly felt her warmth, energy and love for teaching.  Then the music came on.  That was it.  I was hooked from the first spiral.  I have been practicing regularly for the past year and a half.  Still challenges me.  And still makes me feel great — physically and mentally.

I was thrilled to welcome BUTI Yoga to the studio.   Now how to entice others to let go of their preconceived notions and give it a try?!

I asked a friend who came to BUTI for the first time to give me her impressions….

“First, I can see myself really enjoying this class on a regular basis.  The fact that I nearly fell over several times tells me that my body is craving more balance and stretching.  I loved being barefoot and it made me feel connected.  This was a very fun complimentary class to my personal training, P90 and TRX.  I would describe this class as an opportunity to increase strength, flexibility and balance.  Connect with your inner self and feel the rhythm.”

Come check it out!  August BUTI schedule:  6 am Tuesdays 8/9, 8/16 and 8/23 and Thursday nights at 7 pm.

Connect with your inner self, sweat and have fun…Bring on the hip spiraling….




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