All About the Core Workshop
Barre and Foam Roller Series

Saturday, April 29th @ 1-3PM

All of your functional and athletic movement originates from a stable core!

In this concentrated workshop, we will be targeting the core muscles: rectus and transverse abdominus, internal and external obliques, along with muscles of the back, glutes and hamstrings.

A strong core will allow for better performance in fitness, prevent injury in everyday life, improve posture and change body composition. Ami will lead you through a series focusing on using body weight, bands, balls and gliders. Megan will guide you through a series of core exercises, showing you how to add variety and intensity to your workouts using a foam roller. The roller is a great tool to increase awareness for core stability. Your cool down will include ways to use this versatile tool to release muscle tension and increase circulation through tight areas. Modifications will be illustrated. Leave with a treat and recipe designed to rev that metabolism!

Presented by Ami Patrick, Embody Health and Wellness, and Megan Sackman, One Yoga

Bring a 36″ foam roller, water and yoga mat.

Your Investment: $25 for workshop; $45 for workshop and 36″ foam roller

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