Personal and Small Group Training

partnership:   two or more people working together to achieve a common goal

I believe in developing a relationship of open communication, trust, accountability, humor, challenges and growth.  All while pushing you out of your comfort zone to FIND YOUR STRONG.  Together, we proactively approach physical and mental barriers to surpass what you thought was possible, creating a foundation of strength and endurance in body and mind.

Enter into your own customized workout program with a plan and positive encouragement.   You will not only receive one-on-one guidance and instruction, but also the opportunity to discuss goals and keep accountable in your everyday life.

We utilize different techniques and equipment to keep you engaged and breaking through plateaus.

Learn proper alignment and develop greater body awareness, connecting with strengths and imbalances.  This knowledge translates into movement throughout your activities, positively impacting your posture, energy, joint and bone health and reducing your chances for your injury.

Enhance your lean body composition, balance, core stability, agility and stamina.

This is about YOU. Investing in your quality and quantity of life.

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