We all need an entourage.  A support team.  People who want the best for us and help us to push out of our comfort zones.  Support and accountability are what propels us to achieve our goals.

I had wanted my own professional website for years.  Now, technology is not my strong suit.  Putting it mildly.  Very mildly (don’t even get me started on my phone debacle this past week).  So I would get all gung ho — researching how-tos, purchasing services and products I never used, starting a few things, but remaining frustrated and stuck, rampant in excuses.

Then I was opening my own studio.  This was the tipping point. A physical location with lots of information to share.  I needed a functional, up-to-date, user-friendly website.  I reached out for help.  Time to call in the big guns.  A professional.  He was patient, knowledgeable, answered my 1,000 questions and provided resources, information, action steps and tools to put this into place.

So proud to share www.embodyhealthandwellness.com.   Check here for the latest schedule of Embody Health and Wellness happenings — fitness classes, yoga, personal training, nutritional coaching, workshops and more.  Invest in yourself and purchase class passes or a monthly membership through the site.  Discover new recipes and connect through my blog.

If you are feeling paralyzed in your goals to enhanced well-being, I hope you take that step and enlist your own support team entourage at the studio.  We look forward to connecting and supporting you in unleashing your STRONG.   Check us out.

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