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Option 1 = We can opt to remain powerless – succumb to mindless snacking, low energy, anxiety and remaining sedentary.  Feeling overwhelmed by change and disruption. 

Option 2 = We can feel empowered in the face of challenges and take action in what we can control – nourishing with intention, exercising and practicing yoga, getting outside and connecting in creative ways.  Let’s choose #2 together.

At Embody, we want to support you in your self-care – option 2.  Come out of this stronger, resilient and confident.  It is time.  Time to commit.  Time to invest.  Time to press play.

Our Classes

Online Embody Options

Online Studio Monthly Membership

  • Full access to a library of fitness and yoga videos, guided meditations, recipes and resources to help support your health and wellness goals
  • Sessions cover different themes/focuses, require minimal to no equipment and are available in a variety of time frames
  • A different Live Stream Workout of the Week every Saturday at 9:30 am and the ability to replay the recording anytime
  • New content launched weekly for an ever-evolving support system
  • Available 24/7

$20 per month

Incredible Value

Live Stream Membership

Experience the energy and dynamic format of a LIVE class with all the instructors you have grown to know, love and trust — from anywhere.  This valuable online content gives you:

  • Exclusive access to a regular schedule of 10 unique, real-time classes throughout the week at varying times of day
  • Ability to replay the library of recordings from these classes, not available anywhere else, anytime, anyplace
  • A time and “place” to be with other participants

$50 per month

An opportunity to take more than 40 classes in 30 days.

Purchase both memberships for a comprehensive plan to maintain and progress your health and wellness. 

Expand your offerings, schedule your workouts and yoga, and feel the Embody spirit!

Get started today!

Social Media

We will continue to post free workout and yoga content through social media on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays.  Please follow @embodyhealthlewiston on Facebook and Instagram

Technical Support for Online Studio


Visit:  https://app.namastream.com/embody-health-and-wellness-1

  1. Create a Namastream account with an email and password. This is not linked to your normal Mind Body account.
  2. Select the Online Studio Monthly Membership or the Live Stream Membership by click on View Product.
  3. Select the blue “Subscribe” button to the right.
  4. Enter credit card information.
  5. Click Register Product.

From there, you should be able to access your array of content. 


  1. Use Google Chrome as your browser.
  2. Enter your Namastream account.
  3. Be sure you are in the correct product. For all 10 of the regularly scheduled Live Stream classes (with the exception of Saturdays 9:30 am Live Stream Workout of the Week), you will go into your ‘Products’ (upper right) and choose the Live Stream Membership. Enter the blue Events page and click on “Join Session” within the correct class.

    For Saturday’s Live Stream Workout of the Week, you will enter your Online Studio Membership. This 9:30 time slot will feature different workouts/yoga/instructors, changing each week.

  1. Refresh Browser for live sessions if you don’t see that the “Start Session” button has turned orange by the start time. The button will remain grey until Embody starts the Live Stream.
  2. At the designated start time, click the “Join Session” button. Say hi and send a comment in the chatroom so your instructor can see who is present and interact with participants to foster the Live class energy and motivation.
  3. When the session is over, click “Cancel” in the top left corner to leave the session.
  4. After the live presentation, the class recording will appear in your “Included Content” section for replaying at your convenience.
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