Many Paths, One Goal

Our mission:

To empower and motivate others in their own transformations and self-care journeys

To offer a variety of proactive resources and tools that generate feelings of confidence in body and mind

To focus on the whole, authentic  individual and share real, lasting lifestyle-based information, inspiration and support

To create a positive, encouraging, cooperative environment and community

To foster laughter, connection and accountability

Health is not a destination, but a process that is ever evolving, growing and changing.  Having fun with the process and pushing out of our comfort zones brings enhanced fulfillment, generates amazing results that surpass expectations and ripples out to greater satisfaction in all areas of life.

Wherever you are in your journey, know that you can make the small changes necessary to experience BIG results.

Invest in YOU.  This is your time.  This is your choice.  This is your STRONG.

I struggled with my weight since elementary school — beginning an obsession and addiction to trying every new diet and weight loss fad.  Years and years spent trying to “fix” myself – drowning in my own negative self-worth and body image.  In a repetitive, negative, dangerous pattern of extreme, “all or nothing,” binge eating, “I’ll start on Monday” mentality that left me depleted, frustrated and uncomfortable in my own skin.

I gained more than 50 pounds during my second pregnancy and with a newborn and toddler, did not prioritize my own self-care and continued to feel sluggish, relying on food for comfort and sugar for energy.

Digestive issues, fatigue, acne, asthma, anxiety and a weak immune system were constant struggles.  I finally reached a turning point – the nearly daily comments about my due date (I wasn’t pregnant and nearly 24 months post partum) led me to a host of traditional doctors’ appointments.  I left each one without any concrete answers or a plan to feel better and felt greater and greater discouragement.

It was time to seek a different way.

I began to reach out for support and research on my own.  It was a journey with a lot of feedback, but by removing processed foods, refined sugar and gluten from my diet and crowding in lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans and nuts/seeds, I experienced dramatic results!  My bloated stomach lessened, my skin cleared up, I no longer had to use my inhaler on a daily basis and I rarely got sick.  My energy skyrocketed, and my moods improved.  Food is medicine.  Plain and simple.  Beyond powerful.

It was at this point that another mom introduced me to the world of P90X.  I remember doing the first workout in my living room, feeling uncoordinated, unfit and completely out of my league.  But I was persistent and kept at it.  I began to develop strength,
endurance and definition.  And the confidence to try new activities and started running, something I would have never done before.    I have completed a marathon, several half marathons, trail runs and most recently, an obstacle course race.  I love trying new fitness challenges and the feeling of empowerment it creates.  No perfection, only progress….

I turned 40 last year, and I can honestly say that I am more fit and energetic and have entered into a different relationship with myself, one where I listen and tune into my needs more regularly.

I am dedicated to helping others achieve their own health goals, supporting them in nourishing themselves, physically and mentally.  This is my passion and life’s work.  After experiencing the dramatic effects of food and fitness on my own health, I decided to finally pursue my long-term interest in the wellness field and achieved my holistic health certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2012.  I began seeing one-on-one clients, teaching workshops, leading small group classes and coordinating challenge groups.

In 2015, I pursued the fitness side to compliment the work I was already doing.  I received my P90X Live certification in July and completed my personal training certification through AFAA in December  This year, I have received two separate TRX certifications as a strong believer in the power of this tool.

I love working with my clients, sharing in their triumphs and recognizing all the victories along the way.

In my personal life, I focus on embracing a lifestyle that supports my self-care ( most of the time as this is always a work in progress, right?  AN EVOLUTION! ) — enjoying nutrient-dense, whole, delicious foods, incorporating exercise and connecting with my body to make choices that create the best possible me.  With this investment in my health, I am a more patient, present mom to my two spirited, energetic, athletic boys, Finley (age 11) and Desmond (age 8) and a more grounded wife to my husband Mark.  I thrive on a gluten-free, plant-based diet with lots of variety.  I run, love to participate in running-themed events throughout the summer months, attend a weekly BUTI yoga class and biweekly Slow Flow yoga session and am currently working on doing a headstand!

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