Since I started on this journey with Ami in mid-January, I have totally changed my lifestyle. Yesterday, when I weighed and measured myself I was thrilled with the results. I had measurements from October, and had also seen pictures of myself from a trip I took in November, where I could totally tell the difference! I have lost 7 lbs and 6.5 inches!  What a difference in the way I feel, my clothes fit, and my mental outlook. I am so committed to continuing this journey!
Jill S.

I was 63, way overweight, addicted to food, and felt lousy. My blood pressure, treated with medication for about the last 8 years, was slowly creeping up again, and my cholesterol was 232. And my hips and knees complained if I had to walk too far from the parking lot into the grocery store. I felt like this was all inevitable, given my age and my ongoing battle with eating, and felt powerless to do anything about it.

I do not enjoy cooking…when I did it was something easy and fast. Better yet, I was always ready to go out to eat! Last year, my daughter and son-in-law had participated in some of Ami’s classes on whole foods, and had adopted a healthier lifestyle as a result. I really thought they had gone off the deep end! But they encouraged me (even paid my class investment) to take the Detox 3 week series Ami offered in March. Their love and concern (plus my desperation) got me there in spite of my skepticism!

This has been life-changing for me! I grew in awareness of why and what I was eating….and how powerful my addiction to caffeine and sugar had become. The week of detox freed me from those addictions, but more importantly showed me a whole new way of eating….pushing in foods rich in nutrition in such a way that I no longer feel the need to fill up on “junk”. I began losing weight, had energy to exercise moderately, and felt great. My health check up in June showed I had lost 30 pounds since my last visit and my cholesterol had dropped 60 points. I have the facts to verify my feelings!

Ami’s teaching style is to empower individuals to make healthy and informed choices in their lifestyle which dramatically impacts health and wellness.

Each class has recipes and samples to taste. YUMMY! At first things may seem a little overwhelming…a little “overmuch”! Two things she said have steered me through any discouraging or tempting time (1)Small changes bring big results. (2) Use the 90/10 rule…eat healthy 90% of the time so if you cheat 10% you can cheat without guilt!

This summer has brought travels, celebrations, and chaotic schedules which have interrupted my exercise routine, but it has also brought a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep me focused on eating healthy and not falling into the cravings and addictions that have characterized my eating in the past summers. I feel like a new person! I still can’t believe some of the changes in what I enjoy, and I can honestly say I don’t miss the foods that are no longer part of my diet! I am looking forward to more classes with Ami this fall as I continue this adventure with new foods in my life.

Sally G.
I am feeling stronger and healthier since I started training with Ami. First with her P90X Live group classes and now adding in personal training. She is professional, enthusiastic and very supportive. Ami took the time to understand my goals and created a completely unique meal and fitness plan. Working with Ami has made me feel confident and encouraged on my journey to improved well being.
Julia D.
I took Ami Patrick's P90X Live class this morning and let me just say this...One of the best workouts I have ever done!!!  I thought I would leave completely exhausted, but I actually had lots of energy throughout the day. I was able to do the entire workout (with some modifications) and I was sweating (which I usually don't do when I work out on my own). While I love doing my workout DVDs at home, this group workout really made me push myself harder!
Andrea R.
P90X class was awesome! On the way home, I was feeling so good, and I have so much energy I felt like my younger self! I'm looking forward to the next class.
Kathy K.
The things that I have noticed most after participating in Ami’s nutrition and fitness challenge group are: mental clarity, motivation, regular digestion, clothes fitting differently, increased strength and muscle tone in arms especially, but legs too, and slimming through the waist.
Jill S.
Ami is so knowledgeable with both nutrition and exercise. She knows what you specifically need to get the results you desire. Her love of helping people has brought her down this path, and she truly wants to see you succeed.
I am most proud to have been redirected with Ami’s coaching. Eating for me. Eating the things I want to eat. Feeling better because I am eating better. I feel stronger mentally and physically. Bonus - 8 pounds lost and waist is 5 inches smaller. Yep, 5 inches. I am starting to feel better about me.
Kathleen C.
I've taken many "exercise" classes but Ami's classes are much more, besides getting one of the best workouts EVER, your mind feels good too. Ami connects with every individual in her class on a personal level, which makes you want to push yourself even more. Her modifications on any given movement help you no matter what fitness level you are. She truly cares about you as a person and her words of encouragement are tried and true. I thoroughly look forward to each and every class I attend, as well as all of her posts, recipes and stories when I'm not in class.
Janine C.
Beyond ecstatic where I've taken myself in 9 short weeks with Ami’s support! Down 28.5 inches and 12 pounds! I'm so excited!!!
Coley F.

I gained about 30 pounds with my son eight years ago, but on my 115 pound body that was a lot! My body was never the same after that. I gained and lost weight -- Up and down, up and down! After some personal challenges in my life, I was a little depressed and ate EVERYTHING!!! Seeing Ami’s posts about healthy, whole foods eating and exercising really helped me. I made a commitment to myself to get out of the funk I was in!

I promised myself I would be healthy again! And I feel it! I have lost a total of 8.6 pounds and a total of 12.25 inches!

Ami is an amazing coach, and I would not have been able to do it without her! Her commitment to her challenge groups is amazing! The posts, resources and encouragement shared helped me a ton. I still have a few pounds/inches that I want to lose, but for right now I am happy and healthier!

Halley V.
I was scared to death to try my first P90X class, going back and forth with excuses not to show up, but it is one of the best decisions I've made in taking control of my health. After two rounds of chemo, I don't have the strongest bones and I have very bad knee issues, but I can do all the exercises with Ami’s modifications and support. Every time I go, I feel stronger! I no longer take any meds to control my sugar or blood pressure, Ami Patrick has been a blessing in my life, and if I can do this, anyone can!
Yokasta M.

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