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Time for VACATION!  I will be out of town from Sunday, August 14th through Friday, August 19th.  Unfortunately, that means my fitness classes at the studio will be cancelled this week.

However, Megan Sackman will be offering a BONUS Slow Flow Yoga class on Friday, August 19th at 9:30 am at the normal P90X time slot.  What a great way to start the weekend!

This week is a wonderful opportunity for you to check out YOGA at the studio — in its three different formats.  Check out the schedule, grab a friend and get to your mat!

And….I have some ideas for you — HOMEWORK —  to help maintain your fitness.  Below please find a P90X reminiscent workout – full body – as well as  three different interval based circuits, which can be done outside — it is supposed to be cooler this week!

Plan, schedule and commit to this self-care time!  Have an amazing week!


3 supersets:  45 seconds each move
2 full sets
Super Burpees – Burpee, Push Up, Cross Knee, Hop (step it out to modify)
High Knee (march to modify)
Jumping Jacks
2 Broad Jumps, Run Backwards
Shuffle, Shuffle, Squat and Reach
Plank Walks – 4 over, 4 back
3 supersets:  45 seconds each move
2 full sets
Squat 3-2-1 down and 1 up – 45 seconds
Sumo Squat – 45 seconds
Walking Lunges – 1 minute
Squat 1 down and 3-2-1 up
Sumo Squat with Upright Row – 45 seconds
Walking Lunges with Bicep Curl
Squat down 2-hold 2-up 2
Sumo Squat down 2-pulse 2- up 2
Walking Lunges with Hammer Curl and Press
Each Move 45 seconds, Repeat 3 times
Push Ups
Tricep Dips
Shoulder – Front Raise (palms face one another), Rotate (palms face down), Lateral, Down, Repeat
CORE TABATA 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off
Alternate between 2 moves for 4 full cycles:  Repeat with two new moves.
Spiderman Plank – Knee to same elbow
Mason Twists
Plank with Move Weight Across
Punch Crunch



Walk 5 minutes at a warm up pace.  Walk/Run 5 minutes at a fast pace — arms in an L position, pumping, glutes squeezed, core engaged.

Ladder Down Series:

50 jumping jacks
40 high knees or high knee marches
30 walking forward lunges – alternating
20 air squats — fast pace (thighs parallel to ground as come down, arms extended out in front at shoulder height and push down and back engaging triceps as come up to standing)
10 burpees off bench
10 pushups from bench or stairs

Walk/Run 5 minutes.  Fast pace.

Strength Series From Bench:

10 Traveling Push Ups:  Push-Up, Walking Plank to Other End, Push UP, Walking Plank Back
10 Dip Knee Drivers:  Go into tricep dip from Bench and Bring in Knee at same time to work low abs.  Alternate legs.
15 Hip Thrusters:  Lay Shoulders down on Bench, Head towards table, feet out, knees and ankles in alignment.  Lower hips and glutes towards ground and then squeeze up entire core to engage glutes and hamstrings.  Goal to have hips level with knees in reverse table top.  (Similar to a hip bridge, but more range of motion)
15 Leg Lifts  (side and rear each leg):  Stand with Right Hand on table or back of park bench.  Left leg lifts to the side, engaging the outer thighs and hips.  Push through outside of the of foot, foot flexed.   Then, using the glutes, lift the leg straight back.

Walk/Run 5 minutes.  Fast pace.

Ladder Up Series:
10 push ups from bench or stairs
10 burpees off bench
20 air squats — fast pace
30 walking forward lunges – alternating
40 high knees
50 jumping jacks

Walk 10 minutes.  Fast pace.

Plank:  Hold full plank until failure — document time.  Failure is when form fails.
60 seconds Mountain Climbers — use low abs
Elbow Plank:  Hold until failure

Finish walk.


Warm Up
Walking/Jogging/Elliptical/Treadmill Speed Intervals 1 minute, 1 minute recovery at a slower pace Repeat 3 times

Core Moves: Bicycle Crunches – 1 minute Bird Dogs – 1 minute Full Plank – 30 seconds Elbow Plank – 30 seconds Weighted Standing Oblique Crunches – 30 seconds a side Hip Bridges – 1 minute

Incline:  UP HILL Interval 1 minute, 1 minute recovery at normal incline Repeat 3 times

Core Moves Repeated Above

Speed Interval 1 minute, 1 minute recovery Repeat 3 times

10 Push Ups

Cool Down


Fast Walk/Jog 10 minutes

Mountain Climbers from a Park Bench  30 seconds straight in taps 30 seconds cross knee to opposite elbow
Jumping Jacks 1 minute
3 Lateral Shuffles Left, 3 Shuffles Right 1 minute

Walk/Run 5 minutes

Strength Interval: 15 Push Ups from Park Bench 15 Dips from Park Bench 15 Leg Lifts from Park Bench (from a Dip Position, lift right leg straight up pointing toe to sky while left leg remains bent and repeat other side)

Walk/Run 5 minutes

15 Burpees from the Park Bench
High Knee Marches/Run  1 minute
Air Squats, Fast Squats, Lift Up on Toes as Come Up — Focus is on Speed 1 minute

Walk/Run 5 minutes

15 Plank Walks Across Park Bench
15 Standing Oblique Crunches using Back of Bench for Balance
Side Planks from Park Bench  30 seconds each side


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