Sundays.  This has been my family’s first one without a sport or activity (until later this afternoon) in months.  Ahh…the possibilities.  Hiking?  Tea/steamers/coffee and reading at Orange Cat?  Errands?  Cleaning?  House project?  Laundry?  I get overwhelmed with the choices.  Type A — need to have a plan!

But my kitchen is calling…time for some food prep.  My happy place.  And in all honesty, food prep hadn’t been happening very regularly lately.  Relying way too much on Subway and convenience items for the boys and raw veggies and hummus for me.

A little investment of time on a Sunday reaps huge benefits in the coming week.  Meal planning, food/bulk prep, cooking — keeping it simple and having items to grab and go during the busy days ahead.  These activities are so valuable in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  And once you find your staples and go-to items, stock your pantry with necessities and save meal plans — this becomes easier and easier.

Today’s preparations:  roasted sweet potatoes and asparagus, spiralized veggies and an Asian dressing, chickpea veggie burgers and chocolate banana pudding for tomorrow’s P90X treat…

Some of my favorite food prep items:
Tray of seasonal roasted veggies – great to throw on top of a salad, mix into a stir-fry or egg dish, use as a side, pile into a Romaine lettuce leaf warp with hummus, etc
Hard-boiled eggs
Homemade protein and energy bars – love to make a double batch, cut and wrap individually and freeze
Veggie burgers – I even eat them cold chopped on a salad
Quinoa or brown rice in the rice cooker – make a great cold salad, use to make a breakfast porridge, salad topper, pudding or bar ingredient
Sweet potatoes – my favorite carbohydrate for energy
Egg cups – baked with veggies in muffin tins
Hummus or cashew cheese for dipping raw veggies
Raw veggies cut up and packed in baggies

Your favorite food prep item to set yourself up for success for the week?

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