Has the summer allowed certain habits, foods and routines not serving your mental and physical wellbeing to creep in?
Are you feeling overindulged and sluggish?
Are you depending on artificial stimulants like sugar and caffeine to function everyday or depressants to relax, deal with stress or fall/stay asleep?
Are you struggling with an immune condition, poor digestion, chronic inflammation or foggy thinking?
Are you looking for a fresh start…to support healthier choices, create greater awareness around food and its impact and embrace simple lifestyle tools to incorporate into your regular days?
It is time. Time to refocus and get in our self-care groove as we transition into a new season. Releasing habits that are not serving us and reengaging those that do. TOGETHER.  Join me and a community of others with similar goals as we embark upon a 7-day focused journey!
Monday, August 29th – Sunday, September 5th*
Monday, August 22nd – Sunday, August 28th
*If these weeks are not conducive in your schedule, secure your participation, get the resources, learn from the community discussion and implement at your convenience.

This is about crowding in the good stuff, friends. With purpose.  This is not about starvation or crazy gimmicks.  This is about intentional choices and nourishment.  You will satisfy your body’s true needs with vegetables, fruits, quality gluten-free grains, healthy fats, plant-based proteins, legumes, natural sweeteners, nuts/seeds and proper hydration.

Crowding out highly inflammatory and allergy-prone foods. We will eliminate refined sugar, gluten, dairy, artificial sweeteners, processed foods/artificial dyes/preservatives (aka long ingredient lists), alcohol and animal protein (eggs will be optional) for the week.

You will receive:
+ Two weeks of daily support, accountability and motivation through a private Facebook group as we prepare and participate in our detox program. Questions, challenges and successes will be shared here. In addition, support will continue post-detox as we learn and adapt the detox tools into our everyday routine.
+ Food List – focusing on the foods that support your body’s own detoxification system
+ Menu Plans
+ Recipes
+ Resources
+ More!

Your investment: $15
Embody Health and Wellness Studio members receive 10%.

To secure your participation and submit payment, visit:
1)  Embody Health and Wellness Studio
2) the online store – payment online

Let’s do this together. With enthusiasm, energy and determination. To continually challenge and unleash our best selves….

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