Embody’s number one priority is always your safety and overall wellbeing. In order to balance our current social environment and mandates, while maintaining our dedication to serving our members’ and participants’ health, we have outlined our commitments to the reopening process. As a community, we also respectfully ask for your cooperation and understanding in honoring our expectations. With dedicated actions by our team and through the conscientious efforts of our tribe, we will be able to continue our mission of empowering individuals in their wellness – progressing strength in body and mind whether in a physical location or virtual environment TOGETHER. Thank you for your trust and loyalty.



  1. Limit Class Registration to 12 Individuals to Maintain 6 Feet Distance in Classroom Setting
  2. Ensure 6 Feet Of Social Distancing In Hallway, Classroom And Outdoor Environments Indicated With Markers Where Necessary
  3. Schedule Classes at Separate Time Slots to Simplify Traffic Flow, Space Considerations and Bathroom Usage
  4. Limited Equipment Utilized in Classes
    + Individual bands have been purchased for each client with an assigned hook for cleaning and storage


  1. Hybrid Schedule of In-Person Only, In-Person with Simultaneous Live Stream, Live Stream Only and Outdoor Classes Developed and Will Be Shared When A Start Date is Confirmed
  2. Reopening Schedule Developed in Response to the Current Restrictions and Social Environment with the Goal of Being Expanded as Needs Evolve
  3. Schedule Designed with Feedback from Client Surveys Addressed
  4. Classes with Necessary Equipment, such as TRX, Step It Out or Circuits Moving Around the Room, will Be Postponed Until Safety Protocols Allow
  5. Outdoor Classes Scheduled with Weather Permitting
    + If weather conditions are not conducive to holding class outside, the first 12 people who registered will be offered in-studio classroom space. Others will be able to Live Stream from anywhere.
  6. Pop Up Classes Will Be Held To Enhance the Schedule
  7. Doors Will Open 5-10 Minutes Before Scheduled Class Start Time


  1. Touchless Hand Sanitizing Dispenser Available as well as Other Hand Sanitizer Containers
  2. Instructors/Trainers Will Sanitize Any Equipment, Technology, Furniture, Etc. Utilized During Each Class Or Training Session As Well As Sanitize Floors After Each Class Or Training Session
  3. EPA-Approved, Hospital-Grade, Non-Toxic Cleaner Will Be Used
  4. Sprayer Will Be Used To Disinfect The Floors And Other Surfaces


  1.  In-Person Classes with Pre-Registration
  2. Online Studio Access = Self-Care Sanctuary
    + Ever-expanding library of workout and yoga practice videos utilizing different themes, pieces of equipment, time periods and instructors to offer a comprehensive approach
    + Live Stream Class of the Week – Saturdays at 9:30 am
    + Whole foods recipes with varying intentions and categories
    + Other lifestyle resources such meditation recordings, monthly focus calendars, virtual wellness forums and more
  3. Live Stream Classes
    + Set schedule of fitness and yoga classes that can be streamed real time or accessed as a recording for replaying anytime, anywhere
    + Harness the energy of a live class from your home and connect through the chat box with other attendees and your instructor
    + Replay any class in the expanding library at your convenience
  4. Exclusive Membership in the Private CONNECT: Monthly Member Facebook Group
    + Daily posts sharing tips, recipes, connection, accountability and resource



  1. Pre-register for ALL Classes. Waiting Lists will be Available.
  2. If You Cannot Attend Class, Kindly Provide 24-Hours Notice (cancellations without proper notice may result in a $3 fee) in Respect of Those on the Waiting List
  3. Please Do Not Attend Class If You Have A Cough, Are Running A Fever Or Have Been Exposed To Someone Who Has Been Diagnosed With COVID-19 Or Is Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms
  4. Bring Your Own Mat (Yoga Blocks and Straps as well)
  5. Bring Your Own Water Bottle
  6. No Personal Belongings in the Classroom, including Bags, Outerwear, Shoes, Etc.
  7. Refrain from Congregating in Lobby
  8. Respect Social Distancing in Hallway
  9. If Social Distancing Cannot Be Honored, Please Wear A Facial Mask
  10. Designate A Pair Of Sneakers As Indoor Workout Shoes And Only Wear These In The Classroom

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