Work out. Eat less. Eat better. Cut stress. Sleep more. Be happier. Organize everything.

Does this sound familiar? New Year’s Resolutions. I am not a fan anymore.  Too much pressure, expectation and restriction tied to these sweeping ideals. A recipe for disaster. I have been there too many times…setting myself up for failure with all-or-nothing, extreme thinking.

See the inherent problem? These resolutions are vague and ambiguous.  They imply that you are not enough and must “be better.”  There’s nothing to support you. No plan. No action steps to reach those goals you have set out for yourself.  And no recognition of your strengths, wisdom and experiences.

More than 70% of people who make resolutions don’t keep them, and more than 40% never even start! Things don’t magically change on January 1st, where the challenges that have impeded your goals in the past suddenly disappear.

This year, I encourage you to take a different approach.  Join us for our See It. Live It.  Be It.  Lifestyle Challenge Program.  Build the small lifestyle habits that create nourishment, strength and confidence…forming your daily routine.  With practice, positive encouragement and recognizing changes in how your feel, these new patterns become ingrained … part of who you are…and that is POWERFUL.  That is transformative.  Find practical tools, keep accountable and connect with others.  Break down your goals and surpass what you thought was possible…mind, body and spirit…an EVOLUTION!

Make the commitment to you.  Be comfortable and confident in your skin.  You deserve it.  2017.  Yours to THRIVE.

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