Your Summer Plan:  Invest in You.

Summer often brings a different schedule or routine for many of us.  Transition.  Has brought with it anxiety and feelings of overwhelm for me as I thrive on consistency and knowing what to expect — a groove and rhythm to my days.  And summer can swoop in and shake things up.  Even though it is good stuff, that week in between can be unsettled ground….

If you feel the same and are looking to create a new routine this summer, my suggestion:  START WITH YOU!  Sit down with your calendar — print or electronic — and plan your workouts, yoga, food prep, training, quiet time, social dates, self-care appointments, etc.  Commit to YOU!  This investment will reap dividends in mind and body in ALL areas of your life.  Better parent.  Better employee.  Better partner.  More productive.  Energetic.  Patient.  Calmer.  Happier.  Positive.  Confident.

Here at Embody Health and Wellness Studio, we are here to offer you a wide range of services to progress in your health goals, leaving you feeling strong, fit and vibrant this summer.

Choose the option that is right for you. Take advantage of our monthly membership special going on right now and check out unlimited fitness and yoga classes.  Schedule away, friends.  And our babysitting services for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday classes start next week.  WOOHOO!  Talk about a myriad of benefits in one morning…YES!

Class Pass Options
First Class: $5
Single Class:  $12
5-Class Pass:  $55
10-Class Pass:  $100

Opening Monthly Membership Special
$65  (regularly $80)

  • Attend unlimited fitness and yoga classes to create a well-rounded regimen to serve mind and body
  • Receive 10% off personal training sessions
  • Receive 10% off all workshops
  • Enjoy a fitness-themed recipe packet

Lock in at this amazing rate indefinitely.  Make an investment in your well-being and find the support and accountability to THRIVE!

To Purchase:
On the homepage of the website, you may select your monthly membership or desired class pass option.  You will create an account, and your remaining classes will automatically deduct as you attend and are signed in.  No cards to punch!  Your monthly membership is good from the date of purchase, not calendar month, and can be set up with a credit card to automatically deduct.

Past Class Members: 
I have entered many of you into the system crediting your remaining class passes and by using your existing email and/or cell phone number.  You can now go through this website,, to create your account using that email.  This will allow you to make additional purchases.  You may have also received a text with a link to create this account

Mind Body App:
Download the Mind Body app onto your mobile device and use it to log in and schedule your classes, register ahead of time, manage your account and make additional class pass purchases.

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