I was running a few times a week, consistently.  Participating in organized races.  But if someone would ask me if I was a runner, I would instantly qualify it with, “Oh, no.  I only run __ this many miles.” Or  “I run, but not like those serious runners.”  I refused to embrace myself as a runner.  Not allowing myself to own that role.  Comparing my abilities to others and not recognizing my own commitment and strengths.

When I finally recognized this limiting mindset and began to view myself as a “runner,” it was an empowering shift — I began to run longer distances or challenge myself with hills or speed.  I enlisted the help of an amazing running coach for support.  I was more confident.

Think of the subtle difference here:  “I run” vs “I am a runner.”  Passive vs active.  Subtle, but widely powerful.

I tell my clients and class participants, “You are an athlete.”   Investing in movement, activity, fitness — you are an athlete.

As an athlete, you train your body and mind.  You commit.  You plan.  You set goals and work to achieve them.  You nourish and hydrate.  You rest and recover.  You get support and accountability.  You seek motivation.  You grow and change and THRIVE…

Own this, friends.  This shift in mindset will shift your results.  You are an athlete.






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