Empower Yourself

wellness boutique:  fitness classes, yoga, small group and personal training, online studio, nutritional coaching, workshops and more…

Empower Yourself

wellness boutique:  fitness classes, yoga, small group and personal training, online studio, nutritional coaching, workshops and more…

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Lifestyle-Based Wellness for Everyone

Welcome!  I am Ami Patrick, owner and founder of Embody Health and Wellness Studio. Holistic Health and Fitness Coach. AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and TRX/other group fitness modalities certified instructor.

Health is not a destination, but a process that is ever evolving, growing and changing.  Having fun with the process and pushing out of our comfort zones brings enhanced fulfillment, generates amazing results that surpass expectations and ripples out to greater satisfaction in all areas of life.  This is what Embody is all about…empowerment, confidence, connection and lifestyle-based wellness.

Get fired up for an UPLEVELED, AMPED UP 2023

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Attend unlimited in-studio classes all month long! Choose from 12 different fitness, yoga, early morning, mid-morning, evening, weekend class options each week. Attend 4 classes per week – that is only $5 per class! Keep accountable.


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Sign up for classes using Mindbody.  Sign up here on our site or use the Mindbody App on your phone.

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Personal Training

Customized, strategic fitness, accountability and genuine support to achieve your specific wellness goals in a fun and caring environment. Individual or small group training available.

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Online Classes

Access our expansive online platform to experience quality fitness, yoga, nutrition and a wealth of resources to you anytime, anywhere.

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Where to begin…In just a few short months, you have completely changed my life. You have given me the opportunity to bring what I love to do – be an athlete – into a space where I can be myself and not feel “out of place.” Your motivation and passion keep me going. I love the way you bring intensity, challenges and some sass, of course, to each and every workout class. The hard work is paying off and I have you to thank for that. Ami, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Here’s to many more years for you and Embody Health and Wellness!


Thank you, Ami, for your leadership through regular workouts that build strength and balance. Thank you for your fantastic attitude that everyone can modify and everyone can get stronger: the key to our success. It is wonderful to be energized by the great variety of women you push and inspire to do the hard work every single day


I can’t express how much Embody has change my world around these past 15 months.  I never, ever exercised in my life!  I love the community, the encouragement and the dedication from you, Tani, Sue and Kristen.  This makes me want to come to class every day (even though I may complain about burpees).  Ami you have given me the strength and courage to carry on in my own life. What I love about you is that you are positive, and you stay grounded.  I am so glad that I have found Embody.


Ami has influenced my life more than she will ever know. My gratitude, appreciation and admiration for her is endless. I have known her for many years and she has always encouraged me to be the best version of myself. When I started to frequent the studio about a year ago, I was physically and mentally out of shape. Her workouts and workshops kicked my ass into losing 15 pounds, but the feeling of belonging to a loving and supportive environment facilitated by Ami helped whip my mental health back into shape!! There are very few people who have affected my life as much as she has, and I am so grateful to know her!


I first started coming to Embody for the same reason that a lot of people probably did. I wanted to lose weight for a vacation I was taking. As a former athlete I thought that those days were behind me. I would try running or going to the gym and nothing ever stuck for longer than a couple of months. I always felt uncomfortable and never fell into a routine. That was three years ago. Ami has absolutely changed the way I think about fitness and my health that I don’t even recognize that person I used to be. I realized that I needed that coaching, needed that class atmosphere to push myself. She’s given me so much more than weight loss. I started playing the sports I love again and at a competitive level. I feel better and stronger at 35 than I did when I was 25 and I love my body and myself so much more now than I would have if I had judged my progress by a number on the scale. I could spend the rest of my life telling Ami “thank you” and it wouldn’t feel like enough.


Ami is a true blessing. She helped me realize health isn’t just about eating. It’s about what you think, say and do. Ami is always so positive and inspires me to be the best version of myself!



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